embodied ENERGETICs

what are you looking to release?

what are you welcoming in?

our bodies remember all of our experiences, thoughts + emotions

through receiving a combination of energy + touch healing

we let go of aches, pains + patterns that no longer serve us

energy healing ceremonies are modified to each individual’s needs + desires

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bring your questions +

healing intentions

since ancient times tarot + oracle cards have been acting as a mirror for the energies at play in our lives

during our time together i will work with the tarot + my intuitive gifts to offer clarity + insight to your innermost questions

readings open up dialogue

around the unfolding lessons of life +

are powerful medicine for our

personal + spiritual growth


honoring life

ceremonial support to welcome in a new way of being in the world

through your intentions + spiritual beliefs

we co-create a ritual to honor

where you have been

where you’re at + where you’re going

  • spiritual death + rebirth 

  • moontime ceremonies

  • baby blessings

  • marriage

  • death 

  • Mourning

  • Full/New Moon 

  • solstices/ Equinoxes 

    i serve as an ally, witness + guide through your process of transformation

all ceremonies take place outside in sacred space unless otherwise requested or stated


energy + soul healing is a natural method of balancing and is not meant as a substitute for medical or psychological diagnosis or treatment.

spiritual healing can bring up personal and/or challenging discussions about intimate topics + issues;

including deep-seated trauma, which may be necessary to address for the healing process.

karica laine is not a medical doctor or other licensed healthcare professional.

seek professional medical advice before making any health decision.