i see all aspects of you as sacred


we have the power to

honor our divine nature

live in harmonious relationship with

the earth, the world around us + our desires


it is of my deepest

honor + pleasure to offer

one on ones

for womxn

on quest to

reclaim their power +

liberate their soul

dropping into the body

we dive deep

invoking the wisdom of the

womb space


areas i may be of support:

  • portrait INVOCATIONS

  • honoring your moontime

    + cyclical nature

  • boundaries + consent

  • self love rituals + devotion

  • trauma integration

  • connecting with numbers, colors, plants

    + animals for healing

  • body wisdom + compassionate listening

  • releasing shame + guilt

  • re-membering

  • experiencing more pleasure

  • radical body acceptance 

  • conscious communication

  • spiritual death + rebirth

  • sacred sexuality

  • ecosexuality

  • conscious kink + ecobdsm

  • the sacred art of power play


birth rite

is to become

Love + Liberation